The coyote is back again today…

When I stepped outside this morning, I could see him, paws on chin, watching me from the grassy hillocks several yards away. He’s becoming bolder everyday it seems. Perhaps because he watched the day that Okwaho left and he knows I’m alone.

As much as I can, I keep to my normal routine, even though its become harder with this big belly of mine. I always step outside to welcome the new day as soon as dawn breaks and I don’t want coyote to sense that I fear. I do feel fear though. I think all of the Creator’s children in this hot, dry part of the plains are fearful now.

I’ve been hungry before but not like this summer. No snow in the winter, no rain in the spring… finding water fit to drink has become  a near impossible task.

Water is the only reason that Okwaho consented to leave me and our soon-to-arrive first born. He left, on foot, 6 days ago. Walking because some days before, we’d had to let Horse go to seek water.

Coyote showed up the morning of my second day alone. He waits and watches. His ribs are showing a little too, just like Okwaho’s do and there is an intensity in his gaze that causes prickles down my back. We sit, both of us looking at each other across the dust that separates his grassy retreat from my place in the shade outside our wigwam.

He with his paws crossed in front of him, me with my hands crossed over my belly.

Watching the sky for rain, watching for Okwaho, watching Coyote watch me…

Published in A Grain Of Truth~ Book One, by Karin Bole Tupper

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