Imminent Winter

The furnace ticks down waning warmth
Keeping rhythm with my hibernating heartbeat
Wind and rain have taken most of the leaves already
Bare branches look like skeleton fingers against the sky
A sure sign that winter is coming

I was born in the crown jewel of Winter’s dwelling places

And she’s become such a bitch these last few years
Makes my bones ache and feel brittle from ice acrobatics
Everything will be cold, brown and grey. We’ll long for her
Until she deigns to cover it with snow. Cold beauty, it’s just a ruse
It’ll be pretty for a while and then she’ll get temperamental

Exquisite as all stories of The Snow Queen

All icy and stormy and making it hard to breathe
Through lungs that feel crystallized on the intake
As miserable as a jealous ex-girlfriend, snarky and sneaky
Clingy and showing up when you least expect her; like in April
Frigidly angry that you’ve fallen in love with Spring…

~ kei
22 October 2011