Come To Me

Come to me. Come see me today. The sun gives a polished look to the sky where a storm is imminent
At the moment though, it shines warm and golden, taking the edge off the crisp autumn breeze
I see you everywhere I look today. I see you as clearly as that last autumn of we
There’s woodsmoke in the air and the piles of leaves along the trail are begging to be jumped in
Let’s drive out to the river and walk along the bank. We can feed the ducks and reminisce
We can drive by the old high school and sit in the bleachers holding hands, eating apples
Tease each other mercilessly and run through the leaves in mock anger, laughing until we fall down
And if the sun and breeze and jewel coloured leaves, weave the same magic that they used to
You’ll pause to pick a leaf from my hair and I will be struck by the blue of your eyes
And neither of us will say a word, we’ll just melt into each other’s arms as before and always
You inside me, me inside you, we in the cocoon of October
Come to me…

Some October, somewhere