Dreams For Sale

Thirty-five year old dreamer, available at all hours of the night or day, for any and all types of dreams.

Most will consist of warmer climes, sandy beaches and gauzy cotton clothes. For dreams of Christmas past, hand-made mittens and snowflakes on eyelashes will be part of the usual attire. Stars in her eyes and sees wishes come true and faeries smiling from every flower or well-loved book on old library shelves.

Imagination is a bonus for the fellow seeker who may find her. She sees her hair in a glowing white braid, like her great grandmother’s and longs to hold the hand of a courtly gentleman whose hair matches hers and who still will dance naked in the rain with her when they are old.

At least some of the dreams available will take place in foreign lands, where picnics among lavender and stolen kisses under ancient Celtic arches will bridge the thinness between dreams and past lives. Behind closed eyes, she walks through Central Park in the daytime, with happy dogs and sun-browned children and her steps take her to a pathway lined in heavy-laden cherry trees and weeping willows.  Strains of I Mother Earth, “So Gently We Go” play the soft intro on repeat as she sees the boy who is Tristan to her Iseult, standing tall, naked and brown at the end of a dock where the path has given way to a sweetly green and sheltered lake.

Their dreams reach for each other, entwined and woven together, as he braids her dark hair and she his with bluebells… as their bodies make one out of two, his mouth breathing sweetgrass smoke into hers on the crushed mayflowers beneath them and green eyes that crash into blue… The stars in his eyes and the fireflies are the only blanket she needs…

Dreaming dreams that are priceless and given for free.

20 April 2013

Excerpt from “A Grain Of Truth” by Karin E. Tupper. Available on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Amazon

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