Wake Love…

I woke cocooned in perfect warmth and sleepy contentment this morning
Swimming up through the soft, wispy layers of consciousness. Heart smiling
Jealous Winter rattled the windows, chilled the air by the window beside our bed
She couldn’t break the spell, or disturb the sleeping mirage in my arms
This morning, I’m alone but for the dark haired myth who shares my pillow
A sweet faerytale; for the moment as warm, real and perfect as any knight
Shining armour strewn upon my floor, a testament to who won the night before
In the moments when tenderness is the mistress holding my desire in check
I watch him sleep. Traces of the little boy he was, play across his face with his breathing
Lashes cast a shadow on his cheek, a stray lock of hair falls over the wing of his brow
He stirs with a soft sigh and in sleep, takes my hand where it rests on his hip
So beautiful, so vulnerable. I am filled with, overflowing… gentlest, most tender love
Most fierce desire to shield and protect and… desire… Love’s brilliant disguise.
White hot, breathless, aching… I can’t keep inside. Wake up Love… wake and love me

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