Thinking Aloud…

I find it interesting, how many women whine and moan about how “Men are pigs” and “Men don’t treat women with respect” and on and on ad infinitum and yet…

Women today are so crass, aggressive and disrespectful in how they act toward men, in particular on the internet. They pursue and harass with an intensity and intent that they would never dare in real life – most of them anyway – to my disgust, I do see this bad behaviour more and more in the real world. They steal, stalk and slobber like a pack of disgusting dogs and think that it is perfectly okay to do so, even as they destroy lives, careers, and peace of mind.

Statistically, females are the more aggressive stalkers because they so tenaciously believe that their attentions will be welcomed if they keep insinuating themselves into their victim’s world; and that it is a simple matter of convincing their male victim of “the error of his choice”. Even when the facts are beyond evident, when the “I’m not interested” has been spoken. What self-respecting person would continue to hound someone who doesn’t want them to? It’s unfathomable.

Newsflash “Ladies”.

Your attitudes are the problem with the disappointing nature of your relationships. You are the reason why men who are predators can and will take advantage. Who wouldn’t if you’re puttin’ it out there? It’s also the reason why you will never be more than a disgusting speed bump in the life of the good, decent men that you so relentlessly disrespect with your self-delusional desires.

Welcome to the pig pen.

2 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud…

  1. True. And, you’d be surprised how quickly they drop their intensely interested attitude when you meet them IRL. But maybe I’m just disappointing that way 🙂


    • I have been stunned at how aggressive some can be. I think somewhere, women lost the ability to distinguish between assertive and aggressive. The truly scary are those who become threatening and abusive when they don’t get their way. It’s unbelievable what they will say and do… Good material for a book!


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