I seem to be suffering from a profound case of inertia of the pen
The serene blue of September skies, the new crispness and wood smoke in the air and the first hint of autumn colour in the leaves of The Outaouais hills
All conspire to distract me from the pages of my journal
So much beauty, so much gratitude for another season granted

And you
Beautiful you…

I seem to be at a loss to capture the fullness of my heart
The measureless brown of your teakwood eyes, the hint of bourbon and wheat fields in your voice and the lingering hint of Indiana sunshine on your skin
What a beautiful distraction from the ordinary routine
So much love, so much gratitude for these precious moments together

With you
Beautiful you…

2 thoughts on “September

    • Kristel, you totally made my day, thank you so much! The end of September, should see the release of a book of poetry that I have co-authored with my partner. I’m crossing my fingers for no delays, very excited about it 🙂


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