Death Becomes Me

I awoke and found that your faith in me was gone.

And I knew that I’d been fooling myself all along.

I sat alone in the dark and inhaled the fragrance

Of dead hopes and firebombed dreams.

No today and no more tomorrows

No more, I prayed as I slipped to my knees in the silence.

Everybody warned me, your heart was impossible to hold.

Shattered and broken, left too long in the cold.

I didn’t listen, all I could see was you… You?

Or just the shadowed mirror that you allowed me to see?

Letting me hope, pray only to rip me apart like the one before.

Disdaining my love, like it had never existed.

I run the edge of the note that I found over my left wrist.

Not even a goodbye, no farewell kiss.

Alone in the dark, when love dies.

The murderer is never there to see his handiwork.

And the thin, red line… fades to black



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