His Words…

His words felt like benediction to her aching heart.
Reminding her of one of the reasons why she was here.
There was a light behind his eyes, one that couldn’t be dimmed by his thoughts … of shame, of anger, old hurts.
The light radiated, pulled her to him from afar, even the protectors need protection and the beauty of his soul, laid bare for anyone to see, admire, pick up or toss aside; was infinite and beautiful to her. She bound him with warmth and truth, with laughing eyes and loving arms.
She opened herself to him and he found respite in her mind, soothing in her touch.
Her lips and fingers traced his body and mirrored it back to him through her eyes.
Perfect as his soul…
Her thoughts and words filled him back up when he had given away too many of his own and was running dry.
She tasted his tears across the miles and knew his need like it was her own in the night.
And it was enough to love him and hold him in her mind, to keep the flame of him alive until he was no longer alone in his world.
She knew that they needed each other in ways that others wouldn’t understand and it could only be a right thing to open her heart to him, to keep him safe and fill him up with everything she had.
For as long as the fates allowed…

~ kei

30 September 2011