The First Winter


I got a whole lot of nuthin’ and so, sharing this older piece. I wrote this when I still believed in happy endings and in winters that didn’t last forever…

Originally posted on The Eclectic Poet:

The room was cold, god knows the last time they’d been able to pay the heating bill.
Winter had descended on Indiana while they slept.
He had woken first, cold because she had stolen the better part of the one thin blanket on their bed.
When he wrapped himself round her to share it, the first slivers of dawn slanted through the frost glazed window.
Brilliant, cold and beautiful, creating Chantilly lace patterns across the bare floor of their room.
His artist’s heart ached with the beauty of it, this exquisite gift from December and he felt hope stir again.
It had been absent for a very long while…
He looked down at her, gently brushed the errant curls out of her eyes, whispered her name.
When she opened her eyes, a sleepy reproof on her lips; he touched a finger to them and gently turned her face to the…

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I felt compelled to reblog this post. I’ve known of Marcus for a while now and hoped one day to see his signature (((Awoooo))) on one of my posts. I never did go “check him out” or follow his blog. I can’t get over my peculiar thing about boys or big time bloggers should follow me first and then I won’t look like a dork follow monkey.
After reading his joint post with John over at JMC813 and loving the work so much, I’d decided to ignore my idiosyncrasy and just follow. I came to his blog only to see the heart wrenching note from Marcus’ wife.
I can’t say for sure why this makes me so very sad. Projecting a bit perhaps… I got word this afternoon that my Nanny is failing fast and I can’t imagine my life without her. A wealth of moments that I will cherish forever
Perhaps it’s because I won’t know the kind words or encouragement from a respected fellow poet who was known and admired for just that.
It may even be simply the senseless nature of his death. It echoes that of my best friend when I was a teenager and my emotions can’t help but draw the parallel and project my feelings.
I hope that his wife Felicia will take some small comfort in seeing the outpouring of love and support that Marcus inspired.
Marcus, I’m sorry that I didn’t take the opportunity to know you when I might have done. I know the poets and writers who did, expressed great admiration for you and your work.
Walk with Bailey on this next part of the journey. I will wish you a safe passage with a little bit of sage and sweetgrass tonight.
I may even howl just a little…
Blessed Be
Kateri Darkwolf
Kei, The Eclectic Poet

Originally posted on High in the Woods:

Hello, my name is Felicia, Marc’s wife.
My apologies for using his blog, this will be brief but with a heavy heart
Marc was out walking our oldest Bailey at 3am this morning and they were both struck by a passing car. Both died at the scene of accident. I’ve been told not to mention any details for now. He was very excited on his latest poem written with John and as there have been messages sent, I wanted to let you know that Marc wont be replying, I’m so sorry. I know he loved your community. When he talked about the friends he’s made his eyes just light up. Thank you for welcoming him and supporting what he called his high.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and please, please, please, do not drink and drive.

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Old Soldiers And Fallen Angels

Once upon a time, I loved a soldier…

His topaz eyes turned to me, dusty
In the middle of the blazing desert
Pleading for the coolness
Of the rain I couldn’t make fall
Onto the furnace raging in his soul
And all around him
While the bombs fell and ghosts disguised
As comrades lay down in the burning sand
With all his hopes and dreams
And I felt his hold slipping, losing grip
From a thousand miles away
Felt his sanity slip… Calling me
Over the sound of a world exploding
I could taste copper in my mouth
And the blood in my eyes obscured
The river where we had lain so long ago
The green grass under my naked back
His hips held tight entwined in my thighs
Those eyes and blue skies
Helicopter rotor, bombs, mortars
I felt him slip away from me and into
The lying arms of baked, sere ground
The ringing in my ears was a dirge
Moaning my name and I came
To cover his body with green
With my riverbanks and oceans
And dreams of what we should have been
I have sung him home to my arms
To hold him here in the last breath
Of these old and aching lungs
And I will happily relinquish this breath
To hold his hand again, to run
To jump into the cold water
Hold his perfect body close to mine
Just one more time
On riverbanks of green

© Karin E. Tupper
23 November 2012

Field Of Love

Hello Missouri

Hello, hello

Welcome my dear

I’ve noticed you before

I know why you’re here

Peruse and digest

It’ll all become clear

Your intuition is correct

It’s what draws you near

You were mentioned to me

A whisper in my ear

You may find some answers

You’ve nothing to fear

So say hello Missouri

Let your vision be clear

It’s not what you want

Though it’s what you should hear

~ kei
15 December 2014

Mastered II

I am a lion tamer

As I pad softly from the bedroom
Clad in my uniform of a French pedicure
And his blue, button-down oxford
Dropped on the floor just moments ago
Still faintly warm, infused with scent
Cypress, sandalwood and bergamot
Enticing, inciting, fortifying my courage

Stepping into the hushed light
Steamy air, charged atmosphere
He growls in distemper
Another day in the jungle
I draw near, no fear
Control is mine in the moment
A firm hand and he quiets

I am the master
Pulling his head to my knees
Pouring hot water through his mane
Luxuriant dark waves, threaded in silver
He is experienced, used to command
Yet yields to touch, slowly relaxing
Into the palms of my hands

Obedient and content
His throaty growl is very like a purr
I even dare kiss the small curve
Of lips under his whiskers, entranced
As rivulets of water course over
His powerful shoulders, chest, biceps
Joining the pool where his knee is an island

Quiet, yet remains untamed
He takes advantage of my dropped guard
My attention distracted by his desire
Growing more evident long minutes now
Cat-like swift, pulls me down with him
Seduced by his ferocious hunger
Subdued by warm, wet skin
The feel of teeth through wet cotton

I am a lion tamer

~ kei
9 December 2013