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I’m sorry. That was so NOT Canadian. I’m sorry you’ll need to be Canadian to get the joke. Sorry about that ;-)

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There is a rage in the cage
My jail is of your perception
I am not just a hobby
Was that your intention

Because when I’m alone
Silence cuts to the bone

Did you think I should be happy
With only scraps from your table
To be worked in to you life
Only when you can schedule

Because when I’m alone
Silence cuts to the bone

You claim that you love me but I’m here alone
Tell me she’s cold yet you refuse to leave her
Your emails come from exotic, couples trips
Since when is that love? Not now. Not ever

Because when I’m alone
Silence cuts to the bone

If you can’t be seen with me in public
Don’t expect my sex, heart or soul
Why should I accept just part
I seek the other half of my whole

I may be alone but I’m doing just fine
Silence may be golden but I won’t be your concubine

~ kei
21 October 2014

Whispers II

Can you hear me?

Say my name just one more time
Say it in your Bourbon and Marlboro accent
You loved when I first described it that way
I just loved how I could feel your voice
Words like sweetgrass inhaled and tickling my senses

Sentences that lit fire in every nerve and synapse
Poetry that ran like lava through my veins
Waiting only your breath upon these embers
To bring me back to life again

~ kei
20 October 2014

Of A Feather

Listening to the song of cardinals reminded you of me
They trilled in my garden and sang in your bougainvillaea
Your heart was healing and you were ready to fly
Soaring on the strength of the love between you and I

You rushed out into the bright, beckoning sky to soar
For a time, it was so beautiful, to watch you in flight
But bright plumage attracts others both friend and foe
Once the vultures had begun to circle, they wouldn’t go

Intent on only taking, they stole in darkness and in lies
Your dark confusion returned, I could see you’d lost your way
Their theft left you adrift in air streams with no way back
Not one cared that they’d stolen your heart and soul’s map

But has come a gentle white dove to my world of dark
Gifting me with an olive branch that tastes of your kisses
Though eons pass until this phoenix heart is ready again for the sky
The kindness of one among the many, gives me reason to wish to try

~ kei
16 October 2014

Kateri, Bleddyn and Cardinal