Muse II – Summer Nostalgia

An oldie…

Sweet funny Bear, I’m missing you like crazy today
Not too sure about the why but the feeling won’t go away

Maybe it’s the weather now, so hot and brilliant sun
Like summer days we spent together when we were young

Maybe it’s the summer nights, no air to dry the sweat
Our bodies making one of two, as close as we could get

Maybe it’s the way the sunshine’s beaming off the lake
Illuminates the boy in you, my heart does a double take

Maybe the sun and breeze have just woven a magic spell
Almost feel your beard against my lips… I remember so well

Maybe it’s that to see you smile still means so much to me
And makes the time without you seem just a bit lonely

Yes, I know our lives are separate now but you need to know it’s true
The best summer days and nights were the ones I had with you

© KeiB 22 July 2011

You and Me Then

Seven Years, Seven Tears

A day just like this one, Seven long years ago
Sun burnished the ocean, Set the green hills aglow
I wandered the cliffs, Lost in my thoughts
When I glanced to the cove, And so, I was caught

For there on the beach, Sitting alone in the sand
A portrait of lonely, The most beautiful man
A force drew me closer, Only to see he was a stranger
It seemed he’d been hurt, There was no sense of danger

As I drew nearer to him, He turned to look at me and smile
Beckoning, come sit with me, Rest here for a while
And as I drew nearer, To his place of repose by the sea
My heartbeat quickened, His knowing eyes captured me

Dark hair, braided with shells, was his only cover
Falling in waves over limbs finely wrought, like a lover
His eyes were dark as rowan bark, deep with mystery
His voice was like an angel’s, speaking in poetry

Was it the magic of the day, Or him, in truth, I can’t tell
But I seems I was destined to fall , Under his irresistible spell
I am called Liam, long have I watched, now called you to my side
You are my heart and soul’s desire, You are my chosen bride

Twenty four hours of heaven in his arms, Lulled by his siren song
A day that felt a span of seven, When I woke ’twas to find him gone
Leaving a note and a golden ring, The letter read in seven years
I’ll return to you again my Love, Wear my ring and do not fear

The triton brand on his left arm, Meant that he was one with the sea
My love belonged to the ocean, My beautiful Liam is of the Selkie
Just one day in seven years to be on land, A lover’s fate so cruel
To discover that my beloved could only live, Under Poseidon’s rule

Then the legend was told me, Of how he could be freed to remain
Were I to save one tear for each year he’d gone, collect them like the rain
And when in the cove again, Once he’d stepped from his seal skin
I should pour my tears upon the pelt, Making him a human man

Another beautiful day just like that one, Seems longer than seven years
And here I stand in the cove by the ocean, With my vial of tears
Liam swims to the shore, He sheds his guise in a wave of silver
Holding me in his arms, We pour the tears to free the man forever

~ kei

Liam as Selkie


Don’t allow another person to throw their black and white over the rainbow of your soul

And when someone shows you their true colours
Don’t try to repaint them

~ kei

18 August 2014

(The first line is my own, the second line is a well known quote, credited to “Anonymous”. If you know the original source, please let me know)

True Colors by TheLCoakster on Deviant Art


From my Facebook page, “Everybody Has A Story”.

Good Reads, Good Writes…

It’s been a long time since I last did a GR,GW post. So much has happened in the last year. Life, health, home changes.
So much to be grateful for since my escape from the clutches of a terrible person and his “Laud the Fraud” club. If any biographersor P.I.’s are looking for research materials or a timely story about Narcissist Predators, Gaslighting and Internet “Catfishing”; I’m available to tell mine!

As to my own writing, I’m happy to say that the artwork is underway for my next book. I’m hoping September will be the release date. It’s significant in marking a year since my new and Narc-free life began. My life and now my writing, are free.
I wrote three books with an individual who, though prolific in their output, was not respectful of other writer’s copyrights. Unfortunately, I had to shelve the books until I could dedicate the time to reformat them without his offending work.

Happily, the time is soon approaching when I can share my words! The cover is another creative collaboration with a very talented artist and friend, Cynthia Frenette. Cynthia has brought a few of my pencil sketches to life in her signature style. My favourite to date, is her caricature of me on my craft blog Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl. The rework of a painting that I had designed and sketched and then gave as a gift, promises to be a lot of fun when it’s finished. I’m looking forward to the 2.0 version!

I’ll keep you posted as things progress and as always, thank you to those who have hung in there with me.Your support during the last year has been invaluable in this journey of recovering and moving my life forward in a positive way.

Kei ~ Everybody Has A Story & The Eclectic Poet

(My previously published books are available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and elsewhere.)

Echoes of Memory


A post from “Eclectic Unconfined”
Content here is more “mature” reading, please keep this in mind if you choose to visit.

Originally posted on Eclectic Unconfined:

Is it wrong to wish that you are laying in an empty bed unable to sleep too?
Am I selfish to hope that thoughts of me both keep you awake and fill your dreams?

I want you to toss and turn, your hands making my shape out of your pillow
I want your uncontrolled desire, remembered lust for us to stain your sheets

Feel my desire for you, like a tattoo on your skin, like the sweet addiction you are to me
Hear the echo of my whisper in your ear from long ago, calling you back to my arms

Is it wrong to wish that you will soon be laying in this bed keeping me from sleep?
Am I selfish to hope these words drive your heel to the floor, bringing you here to fulfill our dreams?

~ kei
22 January 2014


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