They Lurk

The monsters are everywhere

Ready to attack at a moment’s notice

They hide behind smiling faces

Lurk between the lines

Of all the pretty phrases

They tell you you’re beautiful

Say you’re smart

They adore and respect you

It isn’t true

Knights rampage and pillage

Princesses get pilloried

And we are all of us

“Fuckin’ shitty humans”

~ kei

24 July 2014

Petites Pensées

People need to learn to be still and not constantly barrage, impose, force

Every thought that they have on others

There is no need to chirp back to every statement

No need to constantly look for hurt, insult or deeper meaning

When words are left in a good place

A continued stream of snipping, snitting and over-intrepretation

Serves only to further reinforce barriers

When there is a truce

Why continue to agitate for a fight?

~ kei

18 July 2014


Fair Avalon, birthplace of my dreams
I crave the sight of your calm beauty

How I miss the blue of your ancient river
The craggy paths I’ve walked to views

I’m coming home soon for I have heard
Of assaults against your hallowed walls

No one shall plunder this, my fortress
Nor mere knave steal the treasure therein

Avalon, borne of my own blood and breath
I defend your creation to my death

Each stone a heartache, each rose a dream
Knights and knaves have tarried there

There may be one or two borrowed the keys
None yet has sat upon the throne

~ kei
15 March 2014


Ms. Poppins You Are Required

I lost my Self

Rather, my Self was locked in a closet

By a very bad man

The  monster is gone

No more Peter the Plagiarphilanderiphile Poet

Six months since I shut the door

The Frightening Fifield of Fuckover

Was dumped in the bin with his rubbish

And in certain moments I almost feel normal

My own Self realizes there won’t be hurt today

She flares up, happy, laughing, unafraid

Like a brief solar flare

I remember who I really am

But that brief moment of happiness

Is like a four-year old on apple juice

Running with scissors

Agog on the joy of freedom

Like all unguarded, unsupervised  expressions

Sometimes, it bumps into things, knocks them down

Things get damaged

There are inevitable hurts

My fledgling self

Needs an emotional Nanny

Oh Mary Poppins?

Have you a tether in that bag

Rein me in from these outbursts

Until I know how to walk like a grownup

How to love without damage

Laugh without hysteria

How to hear without the echo of the monster


~ kei

17 July 2014

My Voice

I find myself in a very strange place of late

My life is hurtling forward to a new and better place

It’s as though I’m simply along for the ride at times

I’m feeling a disconnect with old ways, old titles and ties

Oddly, I find myself without words

Processing, shedding, processing more

No words seem adequate to tell this story

The old words?

They were culled, stolen and groomed

On a very deep level

I understand my heart’s reticence to resume writing that way

There are enough similar situations, behaviours and words

To both elicit those words and to frighten them away as quickly as they come

It may be fair to say that I’m as yet, one of the damaged ones

I pick up my pen, rest fingers to keys; then sigh and turn back to reality

The words are there yet, I hear them whisper and echo deep in my soul

A relinquished muse, ear tuned to again capture that one perfect note

Poetry waiting patiently to be released from a damaged psyche

Echo will find her own song

Narcissus is dead and can’t fill her head

Now that he’s gone

~ kei

16 July 2014